I know my neighbours

Co-op housing generally seems to attract people with open attitudes – artists, musicians, general creative types, progressives. In my experience it seems to foster a sense of community and an understanding of equality and co-operation. Co-op members tend to get more easily involved in the  running and development of their homes. For instance, I have been a maintenance officer, room assessments officer, information/press, and keys and locks officer.

I lived in London, on and off, from 1988 til 2009. I once had a mortgage, at what I realise now was a pretty young age – 22. I have never lived alone, always with friends or family. I grew up on one of Europe’s biggest council estates in a close where we all knew our neighbours. I have also lived in a secure compound in South Africa, a big squat in Amsterdam, a hut in Thailand, a hammock in Colombia … and a sofa in Walthamstow.


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