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January 26, 2012

January 2012 News round-up

Occupy protestors in bid to shape housing policy: Occupy London activists, under threat of eviction themselves, are mooting their own proposals on housing policy to put to government.

Giving Community Groups A Chance To Revive Their Neighbourhoods:  New empty homes community grants programme launched. Potentially up to £30million  for community groups.

Phoenix Housing co-op are an example of community groups who could make good use of above-mentioned grants.

It’s Landlords Not Tenants Getting Rich on Benefit Payments: We knew as much. Buy-to-let owners raking in the Housing Benefit.

The Great British Property Scandal: Watch the vids, the TV show, join the debate.

Copenhagen’s Christiania community are attempting to buy their properties, selling shares.

Reports and eyewitness accounts of police brutality during Pinheirinho Eviction, Brasil. Blog in Potuguese here.