10 Things About Squatting

Squatting is a common housing alternative, with an estimated 15000 to 17000 squatters in the UK and a billion squatters worldwide.

Squatting is legal in England and Wales and squatters have certain rights.

The government is looking to make it a criminal offence. You can, until October 5th, respond to the consultation here.

Squatters don’t steal your home. That’s a criminal offence. They tend to occupy uninhabited places, empty, unused, abandoned buildings.

Squatters often improve the properties they occupy. See Squat Or Rot for examples.

Tens of thousands of otherwise homeless people in the UK are self-homed by squatting.

Different people squat for different reasons. For some it’s a necessity, or an opportunity. Most are victims of housing policy and the housing crisis, others victims of natural disaster or war. And for others it’s a political act, people often bring empty buildings back into use as social centres or community spaces.

Every continent has squatters. See Squattercity for a good few examples.

Ex-servicemen and women started a squatting movement and campaign in post war England, occupying hotels and empty blocks.

Squatters were at the forefront of the 1970s movement for more co-operative housing, many groups of squatters formed permanent co-ops.

Squatting is the oldest mode of tenure in the world, and we are all descended from squatters. This is as true of the Queen with her 176,000 acres as it is of the 54 percent of householders in Britain who are owner-occupiers. They are all the ultimate recipients of stolen land, for to regard our planet as a commodity offends every conceivable principle of natural rights.” – Colin Ward

Crisis is campaigning against the proposals to criminalise squatting

Does mainstream media demonise squatters?

Short videos – Squatters In Europe

Amsterdam Squat

Squatting In London


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