Yet More On Squatting

This says what I’ve been saying here, it mentions eviction statistics, housing co-ops, the threat to squatting, but goes further and suggests a need to build a housing movement. It’s over at Red Pepper, which actually has a good housing section.

Well it looks like the authorities are genuinely considering making squatting illegal. It won’t happen without some real resistance though. Follow Squash campaign to keep up with the government consultation, apparently not the first time a Conservative government has tried to criminalise squatting.

A few weeks ago a small army of police blocked off Brixton’s Coldharbour Lane and evicted Clifton Mansions which has been squatted since the early 1990s.

Schnews have something to say, as you’d expect, pointing out that it could be expensive for the State because many people kicked out of squats  will inevitably have to start claiming housing benefits! suggests squat culture has been the backbone of creativity for years.

It’s not just about squatting, criminalising trespass will make life more difficult for travellers too, as pointed out by Guardian Legal Network.

Dale Farm, the biggest travellers community in the country is under threat of mass eviction. They are having a weekend gathering on Saturday August 27th.

Squattercity blog has come back to life somewhat, always a good read there.

A Channel 4 series coming later this year about empty homes and housing inequality.

It’s rare but it does happen – the mainstream media covers housing co-ops.


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