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August 27, 2010

The Housing Crisis

There’s a housing crisis. Still. There are still long waiting lists for social/council housing and still plenty of people homeless and still many badly housed families. They can’t afford to buy, can’t get a mortgage, have unreasonably high rent. There is a shortage of affordable (read ‘fair priced’) homes. Apparently NOT a shortage of properties though. In most cities there are plenty of empty properties. In some cities there are more empty properties than homeless people.  More and more wealthier people even have second homes. As Shelter put it ‘There simply aren’t enough decent, affordable homes.’

Decent. Affordable. Not much to ask, is it? A decent affordable home. A basic essential, you’d think.

There’s a great piece on the UK housing situation at A World To Win – ‘Housing policy clearly requires a revolutionary approach because capitalism has a way of recreating shortages.’

This piece from April’s Guardian CiF says housing policy has ‘occupied a marginal space in political discourse’ for the past 30 years. say research by the London School of Economics and the Federation of Master Builders suggests the Housing crisis could provoke social unrest.

Shelter have the numbers, although I think they get them from Government’s stats anyway. Scotland’s stats here.

Don’t Mention The Housing Crisis

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