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May 20, 2010

Their pellets are being blown in at last.

From sometime in February Sanford started to get their pellets delivered loose and blown into each storage space via a huge hose. (Sanford has solid fuel burners for the heating and hot water, burning recycled waste wood compressed into little pellets). See some pics of the truck and hose trailing the length of the street here and here (all from Sanford residents, not my pics).

This must make things a hell of a lot easier for Sanford residents. I remember the hassle of having to hump a load of bags of pellets (5kg each I think) from the end of the street to my house at least once or twice every week to fill up, using a shopping trolley or slinging a couple over my shoulders, getting sawdust all over me cutting the bags open and emptying them. The storage space could hold thirty bags easily and it seemed a good idea to pack it full as poss so that you had hot water when you wanted it without having to fill it more than a couple of times a week. Now I suppose they hardly have to think about it. Looks like the truck just turns up attaches the big tube and pumps pellets. Much better they don’t have all that plastic bag waste, too – the pellets used to be delivered in plastic bags that got strewn about the place, and may not have even been recyclable!

Pellets are blown straight from the truck into the storage spaces

Also got a few more pics (from Sanford residents) of the bike shed, before and after…

Fitting the sleepers into position

The space in front of the bike shed (before the finishing touches)

Inside. During the 'inauguration' party, the grand bikeshed opening! Yes, it's big enough to have a wee party with live bands, etc. - without the bikes.