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November 1, 2009

One billion squatters

This month saw the eviction of Rampart social centre which had been a squatted space for creative and activist networks for more than 5 years in London’s east end, right on the doorstep of the financial center.

For more info on squatted social centres see here and here.

The Poortgebouw in Rotterdam which is along similar lines to Rampart but on a much bigger and somewhat grander scale, may still be looking for new members.

I came across a blog about Squatting all over the world – not updated since last year unfortunately, but it led me to some other interesting squat sites like Robert Neuwirth’s squattercity. He has apparently lived in a few squatter communities (mostly ‘slums’) in different countries, including South Africa and Brazil’s favelas I think, and reckons there are one billion squatters in the world!

Also discovered the former Grand Hotel Beira in Mozambique is now a huge squat. Video here, latest news story here, and in it’s former glory here.

And the ultimate DIY housing solution? Cut out and make your own home