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June 26, 2009

Photos of the finished bikeshed


OK, at last, here’s a few shots of the bikeshed at Sanford all finished and now in use. I’ll see if I can get someone to post more pics, especially of how the little garden on top looks.

They had an official opening day last week, with journos from South London Press and The Guardian in attendance – look out for pics and report next week apparently. And this week’s Timeout London has a 3 page feature on Sanford – titled ‘London’s Last Commune’! See if I can get a copy of that up here asap.

Every summer Sanford has a big street party with a few sound systems and local bands, the last few years it seems to have merged into Festa Junina. A few pics here.

June 14, 2009

No strawbale liming for me

I should have been off to Talamh this week but unfortunately had to miss helping with – and learning how to – strawbale build because I had other responsibilities, but am going to try get over there at the next opportunity. I was looking at the visit as the initial catalyst to kickstarting this here blog because I’m about ready to start inviting people to contribute now. I’ll try to find more independent co-ops here in Edinburgh too.

The general idea is to encourage inter co-op communication, not necessarily in an ‘official’ or formal way but more as an exchange of experiences and ideas direct from members/residents. So the plan is to have an open page here where opinions, thoughts and info on housing co-op life can be posted anytime at will by individuals and collectives. Not sure what to title the page though.

Meanwhile, Sanford will be recovering from their big party – Festa Junina. See if I can get them to at least post some photos here, even maybe invite Paula (I think it’s her baby) to write about it. I hope the garden’s not too much of a mess – apparently they have portaloos this year!

June 2, 2009

Did I mention the view from my window?

Probably the best thing about the new place, Lister, is the location. I’m in the center of town and the view from my window is to die for. My bedroom window might be north-facing which isn’t so hot for my plants but I often get a great sunset AND it looks out at a castle!
Yup, my view first thing in the morning when I pull open the good-old-fashioned wooden shutters is Edinburgh castle sat up on it’s dark rocky mount set against the empty (well, usually quite cloudy) sky.